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Furniture Paint - What You Should Know


Furniture Paint – What You Should Know


Are you concerned about the safety and durability of furniture paint? How about care and maintenance of a painted item? It is important to seek answers to these questions before you purchase a piece of furniture as not all furniture paint is created equal.


Most of the furniture we feature uses either water-based acrylic lacquers or oil-based paints that are high-quality and, with proper care, look like new for years to come.


  • Acrylic lacquers and other water-based paints are a favorite for furniture manufacturers for their stable color. These paints resist yellowing while their flexible finish resists cracking over time. The technology behind this paint features waterborne alkyds that behave much like oil-based paints but are more environmentally friendly. Keep in mind that water-based paints are not designed to mix with oil paints so care needs to be given to properly sand and prepare a surface that has been previously painted with oil paints.

Caring for your painted furniture is as easy dusting with a soft and dry cloth and quickly mopping up spills or water marks. Protective coasters placed under glasses and other damp items like vases or potted plants can help protect the finish.

  • Oil-based paints provide a glossy and smooth appearance and a hard, ceramic-like finish that is durable and easy to care for. Over time oil-based paints are more prone to cracking and yellowing but if you like the “aged” and vintage look you might find this attractive. If you are considering repainting an item it is important to completely remove any previous oil-based paint to properly prepare the surface for the new paint. You can then refinish the piece with a water based paint or another oil-based paint. Be sure to work in a well-ventilated room and allow at least twelve hours to dry between coats. Unlike water based paints that clean up with soap and water oil-based paints do require a bit more care when cleaning and/or disposing of old brushes and paint cloths.


Our painted furniture is made by manufacturers who choose only the best paint finish for your furniture piece, giving you peace of mind knowing that your special item is finished in a manner that will provide a beautiful and durable finish for years to come.